Natural Hair Relaxer Straight Perfection

Natural hair relaxer Straight Perfection is the perfect alternative to toxic chemical hair relaxers. It helps prevent hair loss and breakage, as well — only the best solution on the market.


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Natural Hair Relaxer

Hair relaxers are chemically based creams that used to tame curly and frizzy locks. Professionals in a salon setting often use chemically toxic hair relaxers, which brings about a lot of side effects.  Moreover, the toxic chemical relaxer at-home kits do the same amount of damage to the scalp and the hair as going to a professional salon would.  So above all, the chemical makeup of the hair relaxer causes irreversible and unwanted effects, whether done at a salon or home.  Therefore a natural hair relaxer is the best option for the scalp and the hair.

Toxic Chemicals

Harsh chemicals that are in traditional hair relaxers cause the burning of the scalp, and in contrast, the natural hair relaxer won’t burn the scalp and helps provide healthy hair.  This chemical hair relaxer process starts with a burn on the scalp that will become a scab or scar, and eventually, that causes the damaged hair and stops new growth.  Most notably, some experience hair thinning at first, then permanent baldness. For that reason using chemical relaxers are one of the worst things anyone could do to their hair and scalp; consequently, it can cause long-term damage. In conclusion, other known side effects of using toxic chemical relaxers may include alopecia.

Natural hair relaxer experience

Luckily, Ancient Hair Secrets has introduced a natural hair relaxer called Straight PerfectionStraight Perfection offers a hassle and worry-free experience and, consequently, no side effects. Furthermore, since Straight Perfection only has natural ingredients, you will benefit from natural, relaxed hair.  So, as a result, you won’t experience extensive damage, and the scalp will stay safe from pain, discomfort, and burning. Loosening curls has never been more effortless and more reliable.  Straight Perfection is a natural hair relaxer that safely tames curls and gets rid of unwanted frizz.  The process of using Straight perfection doesn’t destroy the natural compounds in each strand when working its way to straightening hair. Elasticity and moisture leave locks more manageable and even stronger than before.  Straight Perfection is enriched with natural ingredients to provide straight hair that is free from breakage, thinning, split-ends, dryness, and damage.

Benefits of using a natural hair relaxer

Natural hair relaxer Straight Perfection gives people the advantage of being able to style their hair without the fear of it going back to its curly ways or damaging it.  Straight Perfection is all-natural, which leaves hair versatile and healthy for any look.  Wear your hair tied in a ponytail, tightly sealed in a bun, worn wavy, or all naturally straight without the fear of hair loss, dryness, and breakage. Natural hair relaxer Straight Perfection also has a great scent, unlike the odor that is in toxic chemical relaxers; as a result, people who have used chemical relaxers usually leave salons with a strong, pungent smell from the chemicals used.

Reason’s not to use toxic chemical relaxers

The results achieved with natural hair relaxer Straight Perfection have been proven healthier for the hair.  The ingredients used in Straight Perfection will leave your hair moisturized and smooth.  Straight Perfection can also more often as it has no side effects. Harsh chemicals often damage the outer layer of the hair follicle and the hair shaft.  Some end up having their hair trimmed to get rid of these unwanted split-ends.

Natural hair relaxer ingredients


  • Cupuacu Butter
  • Nettle
  • Colts Foot
  • Grape Seed Extract
  • Grapefruit Extract
  • Grape Seed Oil
  • Kokum Butter
  • Orange Oil
  • Pomegranate
  • Pumpkin Seed Oil

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