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4 Beard Growth Tips For Men Everywhere

Growing out facial hair is a rite of passage for men all over the world. Growing a thick, full beard can be a challenge that requires some extra care and attention to achieve your desired results. Putting down your razor and stepping away from your beard trimmer aren’t the only

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4 Easy Steps To Growing Healthier African American Hair

Your hair tells a story. Every kink and coil isn’t just beautiful; it’s a symbol of your rich history. Hair has been a powerful symbol in African culture and art for centuries—from hair jewelry such as beads signifying royalty to hairstyles such as the afro becoming symbols of black pride. There are

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Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Clean Haircare

So with the quarantine, you’ve been trying to take care of your hair better now that you have more time to spend with yourself. You’re giving them more love, more attention, and have been following a better overall routine—but your hair issues are proving to be pretty resilient! If that

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