What do you do then dirty laundry starts piling up? You wash it, right?

What about other things that start piling up? We hope you follow the same protocol.

The thing is, hair isn’t much different. Over time, residue and debris from dead skin cells, dandruff, and even shampoos and conditioners start piling up, making it appear dirty and greasy, and compromising scalp health.

This build-up also prevents nutrients from reaching the hair, making it dry and brittle. These dry spells are especially taxing on natural hair, because the coily structure already makes it low on moisture.

One of the best ways to clear out this build-up is a hair detox.

The Best Way To Start With A Hair Detox

A lot of people feel the need to frequently detox their natural hair, because they use products that contain toxins and harsh chemicals. So the first step for an effective detox is to ditch low-quality hair products to help rebalance your scalp.

This will greatly reduce the residue left behind on your scalp after each use, making future detoxes easier, and less frequent, while at the same time encouraging healthy hair.

Effective Ways To Do A Hair Detox—Hello, Good Hair Days!

There are several ways to carry out a hair detox. One of the most commonly used ones for natural hair is to use a detox mask that’s made from either bentonite clay, apple cider vinegar, or aloe vera gel.

All of these ingredients contain cleansing and detoxifying agents that gently get rid of product build-up, while also nourishing the scalp and feeding your hair follicles some of that yummy hair food it’s been craving.

Another great way is to carry out an oil-based scalp massage. Applying friction to a well-oiled scalp with your fingers or a scalp brush lifts the build-up from the scalp. The oil nourishes the hair and penetrates the scalp, replenishing the follicles from within.

Finally, if you’re short on time and want a quick way of detoxifying your hair and scalp, a great option is detoxifying hair products. Our natural detoxifying shampoo and serum kit is built to help your hair get rid of the gunk while encouraging optimum health.


At Ancient Hair Secrets, we make sure to only use the highest quality natural ingredients to create our products and help your African American hair grow!

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