Ever look at your childhood pictures and wonder where your gorgeous curl pattern went? We feel you! Constant mishandling and not knowing how to take care of curls can result in a loss of curl pattern that’s beyond distressing.

Over time, hair grows frizzier, more unmanageable, and harder to maintain, compelling people to rush to salons for perms and relaxers. The good news, your curl pattern can be brought back and your hair can be made easier to maintain and manage.

All you need to do is stop making these three mistakes.

Brushing Your Curly Mane Out—Tales Of Horror!

According to the curly girl method, brushing out your curls can result in a horrid, triangle-shaped nightmare—which most of us can relate to. Moreover, brushing dry curls majorly damages your curl pattern over time. Ever brushed out your natural hair with a fine bristled brush and ended up frustrated at your unmanageable mess? If you have, you get what we mean!

“So like, we shouldn’t brush our hair?”

We’re glad you asked. The alternative is to comb your hair with a wide-toothed comb or even your fingers while your hair is still wet and loaded with conditioner. Once you’ve washed the conditioner out, there should ideally be no need for brushing or combing.

Heat Straightening Your Hair—Psst, It’s A Trap

Don’t listen to anyone who tells you that heat styling with your straightening iron will only have temporary effects. The truth is, repeated heat styling and straightening can result in damage to your curl pattern, and even your hair.

If you regularly iron or heat treat your hair, not only are your curls more likely to become less defined over time, but your hair is also likely to become damaged, brittle and dull.

Using Chemical Laden Products—No Can Do

Finally, shampoos, conditioners and other hair products that are full of harsh chemicals and toxins are going damage your hair—including your curl pattern. This can cause you to lose your original, bouncy ringlets over time.

To prevent this, a great option is to switch to natural hair products that are made with organic ingredients.

At Ancient Hair Secrets, all our products are created with top quality natural and organic ingredients to help your African American hair grow!

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