Hair fall is a common issue for men and women everywhere. In fact, an American Academy of Dermatology research concluded that almost half of African-American women experience hair loss.

With such astounding rates of hair loss, you can’t help but wonder what the cause may be. Genes have usually been blamed for hair loss but the real culprit may be the products you’re using on your hair.

Let’s admit it, how many of us read the labels on our shampoo and conditioner bottles, much less research the ingredients listed on them? These unnatural, chemically-rich ingredients are too harsh for your scalp and often cause your hair to become dry, brittle, and prone to breakage.

If you’ve been struggling to get luscious, healthy hair for a while, the reason might be in the products in your shower. Here are the chemicals to look out for:


These synthetic chemicals are common in various shampoos, conditioners, and other hair care products. Used as a preservative to extend the shelf life of these products, parabens are considered one of the most harmful ingredients in cosmetic products.

This readily-available, low-cost product has bee linked to various hair problems including scalp irritation, hair loss, dryness, and fading of your hair color. Parabens can leave your hair feeling brittle, dry, and devoid of moisture when they’re used in clarifying products intended to keep your hair clean.

Synthetic fragrances

Who doesn’t love a sweet-smelling shampoo? The feeling of the tropical coconut and vanilla scents washing over you as you lather and rinse is unlike any other—but it comes at a cost.

Artificial colors and fragrances have been added to shampoos and conditioners for decades now, but they can be harmful to your hair. These aesthetic additions can irritate your scalp and leave you with dryness and itchiness; additionally, products with synthetic fragrances can negatively affect the thickness, volume, and health of your hair.


This common culprit has earned a bad rep in the past few years and for good reason. Sulfates are chemicals that are used as cleaning agents in several hair products. These lathering agents can be of many different types, with sodium laureth sulfate and sodium lauryl sulfate as the most common.

While sulfates play an important role in keeping your scalp and strands clean and free of grease and dirt, it has an adverse effect too. The harsh chemical can dry out your scalp, making your hair brittle and damaged, while leaving you with a sensitive scalp.

Continued use of sulfates will damage the protein and moisture in your hair, resulting in weak and limp hair.

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