Growing out facial hair is a rite of passage for men all over the world. Growing a thick, full beard can be a challenge that requires some extra care and attention to achieve your desired results. Putting down your razor and stepping away from your beard trimmer aren’t the only ways to grow the flowing beard you’ve always wanted.

Are you having a hard time getting your patchy beard to look full or making your mustache and beard connect? We’ve got some beard growth tips that’ll help you become part of the beard community in no time!

Groom as you go

While it makes sense to skip shaving if you’re trying to grow your beard, simply putting your razor away for a month won’t do the trick. The only thing worse than a patchy beard is a scraggly, unkempt one.

Take care of your facial hair by brushing, trimming, and shaping them along the way. Not only will this make you look more put together while you undertake the journey, it’ll also help you figure out the type of beard that suits you best.

One thing to remember, however, is that your beard needs a good base to grow over. Don’t trim too close to the area between your neck and chin. Just focus on cleaning up the stragglers here and there instead!

Boost blood circulation

Studies have shown that blood flow is closely linked to hair growth, with poor blood circulation causing early male pattern baldness. Your beard is no exception to this rule. Healthy blood flow stimulates better hair growth, ensuring a constant flow of nutrients and hormones needed by your hair follicles.

Regularly massaging your cheeks and jaw area will encourage blood flow in the parts your beard is often patchiest. Focus light pressure in circular motions to improve blood circulation, concentrating on areas where your beard doesn’t usually fill in.

Turn to natural ingredients

Working toward the beard you desire demands some big changes in your life–and this means getting rid of certain products you’ve been using for years. Just like the hair on your head, facial hair can only get thick and long when it’s healthy and nourished.

Moisturize your beard hair with a blend of natural, organic ingredients that won’t harm your skin or deter your beard from growing. Harsh chemicals and products can often build up and clog your pores, hindering your beard’s growth.

Instead, turn to natural oils, vitamin-rich, and mineral-enriched products that nourish your beard and help it grow longer and healthier.

Find a beard-care regimen that works

Dedicating some time to your beard’s care every day will help you provide the nutrients it needs. A beard growth kit—complete with all the organic, natural products you need—is the perfect solution.

Ancient Hair Secrets’ beard growth kit is made of products that don’t just stimulate hair growth; they also moisturize and care for your existing facial hair. Our kit includes the unique formula of our clarifying Beard Shampoo, styling nutrient-rich Beard Balm, and potent Facial Hair Growth Oil.

All our products are free of fragrances, harmful chemicals, and preservatives. If you’ve been looking for beard growth oils, serums, and other products for black men, check out our beard growth products today!

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