Your hair tells a story. Every kink and coil isn’t just beautiful; it’s a symbol of your rich history. Hair has been a powerful symbol in African culture and art for centuries—from hair jewelry such as beads signifying royalty to hairstyles such as the afro becoming symbols of black pride.

There are many myths surrounding natural hair and, most often, you’ll hear people telling you that your hair just can’t grow. We’re here to bust that myth and tell you a few easy steps to grow your Type 3 and 4 hair easily.

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Moisturize away

If there’s one thing you should know about your naturally coarse hair, it’s that it needs moisture—lots of it!

The secret to thicker, fuller hair is in keeping your hair healthy and luscious. Length retention definitely relies on the moisture levels of your hair, giving it more elasticity and bounce. Hair that is well-maintained and moisturized is also prone to less breaking and brittleness.

It’s important to remember that your hair craves moisture so get started on your journey to full, thick hair by investing in deep conditioning products. Leave-in conditioners and hair masks create a protective layer over your hair, letting it regrow and flourish while your strands and scalp get the nutrition they need.

Look out for the ingredients

The key tip to growing any type of hair is keeping it clean and ensuring there’s no product build-up at the roots. In most cases, however, many shampoos and conditioners come with a lot of unnecessary—and harmful—ingredients that do more harm than good!

Be wary of the products you incorporate into your hair care routine, making sure they help you on your journey to healthy, long hair. Quality, natural hair products—both moisturizing and clarifying shampoos—steer clear of toxic chemicals and compounds that lead to product build-up. Instead, they seal in moisture and give your hair the special attention it needs for optimal growth.

Regular trims

One common myth that goes around is that you need regular hair cuts to promote hair growth. Doesn’t that sound counter-intuitive? That’s because it is!

While regular trimming and dusting don’t promote quicker hair growth, it does lead to better length retention. Getting rid of the damaged and split ends will help your hair remain strong instead of the weakened and brittle.

Give your hair the boost it needs with dusting every four to six months—just don’t forget that trimming a quarter-inch or less is more than enough for your hair!

Wear protective hairstyles

Growing out your hair is a journey—one that requires some extra love and attention as you nurse your hair to its healthiest. With so many things out there that can damage your hair—heat styling, harsh chemicals, and breakage—your best bet is to protect your hair whenever you can.

Protective hairstyles are great for reducing any damage to your hair while you sleep or go about your daily chores. Some of our favorite protective hairstyles to rock while your hair gets a much-needed break are updos, box braids, and twists.

Start your journey of growing thick, healthy hair

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