So with the quarantine, you’ve been trying to take care of your hair better now that you have more time to spend with yourself. You’re giving them more love, more attention, and have been following a better overall routine—but your hair issues are proving to be pretty resilient!

If that is the case, don’t freak out, maybe you need to dig just a little deeper to figure out the real problem. For starts, take a look at the ingredient list of your hair products. If you see sulphates, parabens or any silicones, put the thing down and congratulate yourself. You’ve found the problem!

Sulphates, parabens and silicones work together to make your hair look cleaner and feel softer, by stripping away it’s natural moisture and depositing shine-enhancing components on the top layer of your hair, leaving it prone to getting dirtier more easily.

In the long run, this ruins your hair by making it dry, brittle and dull. To counter this issue, we recommend switching to a ‘clean haircare routine’.

What Is Clean Hair Care And Why It Is Important

Clean haircare refers to a hair routine that is nasty-free. This means that none of your haircare products contain ingredients that are damaging to your hair including sulphates, parabens and silicones.

Clean haircare products are made from natural and organic ingredients that work to strengthen the hair strands and follicles and encourage healthy hair growth without damaging the hair.

How To Find Clean Haircare Products

We get that it can be difficult to find clean haircare products—especially for African-American hair. Very few companies are striving to provide the true chemical-free experience for ethnic hair and it can take forever to read the ingredients at the back of each product at your local supermarkets to determine the right fit.

At Ancient Hair Secrets, we aim to effectively bridge that gap by proving high-quality organic haircare products at affordable rates. The products are especially designed to suit the specific needs of ethnic hair.

At Ancient Hair Secrets, we combine together ancient ingredients have been used to encourage hair health and growth in different cultures around the world for centuries, in the right mix and blend them into a formula that is perfect tohelp your African American hair grow!

Buy our 7PE natural products online and say hello to healthy, long and luscious hair!

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