If you’ve been trying to grow out your natural hair and haven’t had much luck, we feel your pain! Natural hair can be a nightmare to grow out. With the thicker texture, the kinks and curls, hair growth can feel like it’s taking ages, even when your hair might be growing at its normal pace.

One of the best things that can speed up hair growth are ingredients that are potent, and full of the kind of nutrition that your hair really needs. At Ancient Hair Secrets, we work with powerful ingredients to help you grow your natural hair long and strong and our 7PE hair growth kit contains everything you need to grow your hair. Here’s a breakdown of the products in the kit.

Hair Loss Shampoo

Our hair loss shampoo is natural, organic and is gentle enough to be used on hair every single day. The shampoo is rich in hair-friendly minerals and vitamins that nourish the scalp from within and encourage hair health. Our hair loss shampoo also opens up the scalp pores to help the hair loss treatment penetrate the scalp and improve follicular health from deep within.

Hair Loss Treatment

Hair loss treatment is formulated by combining an assortment of natural herbs and ingredients that have been used to treat hair issues for centuries in many different cultures. The treatment effectively treats hair loss issues by providing the hair follicles the necessary nutrients.

Leave-In Protection

Our leave-in protection treatment is hypoallergenic and penetrates deep into the hair shaft to balance moisture from within and encourage smooth, fine and silkier hair. The leave-in protection also makes hair more manageable, hence making natural hair a lot easier to maintain and style. What better product than one that heals hair, makes it grow and makes it look fabulous all at the same time?

Super Growth Serum

Now this is the stuff that really goes into those pores and makes your hair grow by nourishing and revitalizing the hair follicles. Created using a mixture of different oils and herbs, this serum will not only help your hair grow longer but will also fight off other hair and scalp conditions like alopecia, thinning and hair loss.

Invigorating Massage Brush

The massage brush included with the kit will help remove dandruff from the surface of the scalp encouraging scalp health while also increasing circulation to the scalp, helping your body nourish the hair naturally.

If you want to buythe 7PR hair growth kit, or any of the products individually, you can order via our online shop here. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with us at info@ancienthairsecrets.com,




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