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established since 2003, Ancient hair secrets has spent years perfecting formulas for every one of our hair growth products. we've researched ancient remedies for common hair loss problems & blended the best 7 plant extract ingredients. 7pe is made from the best in natural oils - carrying powerful anti-inflammatory agents to improve blood circulation within the scalp. The herbs in this organic premium blend come from different parts of the world and they work together to revitalize damaged hair and promote hair growth. Our collection consists of enriching hair growth oils, serums, shampoo, and treatments . Our 100& natural hair growth products are perfect for all men, women & children.

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If You Are Suffering From Hair loss Issues Let Us Help!

Established since 2003, Ancient Hair Secrets has spent years perfecting formulas for every one of its hair growth products. We’ve researched ancient remedies for common problems such as alopecia, hair thinning, dryness, dullness, and blended the best ingredients to bring you a line of natural hair care products.

Our products stimulate growth by enriching the hair with essential nutrients from root to tip. If you are struggling with hair loss, dry and frizzy hair that lacks luster, or damaged hair, our products are for you!

7PE Complete Hair Growth Kit

Start your hair growth journey today with our 7PE Complete Hair Growth Kit. Proper treatment is the key to hair regrowth. The full kit comes with everything you need to fully revitalize your hair from the roots to your ends. 

Included in the 7PE Complete Hair Growth Kit:

  • 10.5oz Hair Loss Shampoo 
  • 10.5oz Hair Loss Treatment 
  • 4.3oz Leave-In Protection 
  • 4.4oz Super Growth Serum 
  • Invigorating Massage Brush
  • 10 Hair Caps 


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Straight Perfection is the perfect alternative to toxic chemical hair relaxers. Straight Perfection acts as a natural hair relaxer and is enriched with natural ingredients to provide straight hair that is free from breakage, thinning, split-ends, dryness, and damage. Loosening curls and getting rid of unwanted frizz has never been more effortless and reliable.  This product will leave your locks more manageable and even stronger than before.

Works on all curl patterns!

Hair Growth Products For Men & Women

100% Natural & Organic Hair Growth Products

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Hair Loss is a Growing Problem - We Have The Solution!

We believe that nature has the power to treat all scalps and hair related problems. Hair grows slowly, so the big question is, how do you make your hair grow faster? The answer is simple; Give your hair the correct nutrients and care that it needs and craves. We are so confident in our formula that we guarantee you will love our line of hair growth & hair care products. 

Seven Plant Extracts, our natural hair growth product line, also known as 7Pe, our organic premium blend has been designed to nourish and revitalize hair by stimulating the scalp, improving blood circulation, and helping to promote new hair growth. Best of all, it works naturally and uses only pure plant-derived extracts that have been formulated and were passed down and perfected for thousands of years. Our remedy’s inception took place long before the Pharaohs of Egypt began searching for the secrets to reverse baldness. There are no alcohols, chemical additives, testosterone, HGH, or other hormonal treatments in our products. Visit our shop now to check out our selection of organic hair growth products, including organic shampoo for hair loss, facial hair growth oil, and more. We are so confident in our formula, we guarantee you will love our natural hair growth & hair care products. Stop waiting and order now!

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